Top Civil Engineer in Nagaon

Amir Sohail Khan

Top Civil Engineer in Nagaon

Top Civil Engineer in Nagaon
Top Civil Engineer in Nagaon
Amir Sohail Khan



Amir Sohail Khan

Proprietor of Abhijantrik Sahai-Engineering Aid

Hi! I am, Amir Sohail Khan and my aim is to help people build their house. I want to help people by giving them free consultation so that they can build their house with minimum errors and inaccuracy.

It is very often that, generally peoples don’t take a professional help from a technical perdon as they believe it will cost their project expensive. But it is not true. In fact, because of lack of technical analysis they end up spending more on what they do not have to. E.g: Buying materials more than required, using cements and sands more compared to technical mixture grades, (M10, M15, M20, M25 and other Mix Design) .

Generally, Mason (Mistry) are not aware of the technical theories, but they are expert practically, so because of improper technical analysis it costs the owner more. Masons suggests owners to buy Steel Reinforcement (Rods) of hifher grade but in different structures it varies according to the design which is analysed by a Civil/Structural Engineer.

There are many other factors to notice before starting a building project like Planning, Land Surveying, Tachometry, Interior, Exterior and many.

My aim is to help these people by giving expert consultation free and help them building their dream house accurately.

Top Civil Engineer in Nagaon  Best Private Engineer in Nagaon


B.Tech. (Civil Engineering), GIMT-Tezpur, Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU)
Post Graduation (Disaster Management) (Tezpur University CODL)


2 Years of total  experience
1 Year and 3 months experience as Site Engineer in M/S RKA Construction on the SH-3 State Highway Project Namatigaon-Nagaon (10 km). 

6 months in G+2 Residential Building Project and G+4 Commercial Building Project. 

Employee Rating



1. Improvement of soil atabilisation (CBR test) using Rice Jute, Fly Ash and similar waste materials. Performed all tests(Based on Soil Mechanics) required to know the quality of Soil.

2. Planning and Design of framed structure 0f G+3 residential building.


July, 2018

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