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High Income Skills that makes you rich:A millionaire’s Success Story.

High Income Skills that makes you rich

High Income Skills that makes you rich

Hello my friends this is Amir Sohail Khan. Today One of my Guest want to talk with you about his story who provides several simple tips that you can do and that will make you richer in long term. Now he’ll continue with his story-

I have been getting so many questions. If you follow my work you are familiar with my wealth triangle. If you have not watched the post, click on the button right here and watch that particular post. So many people are asking me, Mr Zigler, what are some of the high income skills that I can develop today that will free me from financial struggles and worries forever?

Now, in case you don’t know what a high income skill is, I define high income skill as a skill that you could develop in a short period of time that will make you a minimum of $10,000 a month. Basically six figure a year without a degree. That’s how I define high income skill.

Now notice, I did not say a high income job. I’m not talking about a high income job. I’m talking about a particular skill set that you can bring value to the marketplace in exchange of money. So let me share with you a little but about my journey .How I have developed all my high income skills. And how I can of stacking each high income skill one on another and build my empire.

High Income Skills that makes you rich

First high income skill

High Income Skills that makes you rich
High Income Skills that makes you rich

The very first high income skill that I have developed which is copywriting. Yes, copywriting. Now if you don’t know what copywriting is, copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print. It’s persuasion in print. It’s meaning crafting the ads. Crafting the sales pitch. Crafting the video sales letter. Back then I was writing for full page ads, Yellow Pages, direct mail pieces like good old paper, envelope, stamps. That’s when I got started. So copywriting.

I was writing these marketing literatures for companies and entrepreneurs. And they were paying good money for that. At first they were paying me a couple hundred dollars, eventually then $1,000, $2,000, $4,000.Then in the peak of my copywriting career I was actually making about $10,000 a month.

As a young copywriter in my twenties. Now that may or may not be a lot of money for some people but to me back then I felt like a million bucks. I thought I was rich. I thought I could do this forever, it’s awesome. Then as I was writing these sales letters and copy and for companies, for entrepreneurs, now they’re asking me well so Dan, this is a great marketing piece, how do I send this out? Where do I send this out? What list should I send this out to? So then I was transitioning into doing some consulting for them.

High Income Skills that makes you rich

Second high income skill

High Income Skills that makes you rich
High Income Skills that makes you rich

So I went from copywriting, I added another high income skill to my tool belt, which is consulting. I was consulting with them first on an hourly basis which is a horrible idea. Then it’s more of per project it’s a little bit better. Then later on I learned, I got smarter and I started charging a retainer. So I charged them on a monthly basis. I was getting paid month by month, month by month on a retainer. So I added another six figure income to what I do. That’s my second high income skill.

Third high income skill

apps blur button close up
High Income Skills that makes you rich

Then, from there I went into digital marketing. I went online, I was selling things on eBay, growing my business. So I believe the third good high income skill that you could develop, especially if you’re millennial, if you’re young is digital marketing.

It means that you are building funnels for people. You are helping people manage their Facebook. You are helping people grow their Instagram. Any of the social media platforms because companies and entrepreneurs, there is such a demand right now in the marketplace that they’re not caught up with what’s happening with social media. They need help. And you could charge a good amount of money helping them do these things.

Things you’re already using every single day, so you might as well make money doing that. The great thing about this type of high income skill, everything that I’m talking about so far, copywriting, consulting and digital marketing, you are helping entrepreneurs and companies make more money. And it’s easier to charge are occurring revenue model. You can charge them one thousand a month, two thousand a month, three thousand a month to do this.

It means that you don’t need that many clients to make ten thousand a month, right? If you get very, very good you might just need a few clients to make ten thousand a month. Just from home, in your spare time.

High Income Skills that makes you rich

Fourth high income skill

High Income Skills that makes you rich
High Income Skills that makes you rich

The four, number four high income skill that I believe is very, very powerful and didn’t know about this before but now as I’m doing this I know the power of this and that is YouTube.YouTube, the power of being a YouTuber. It is a great high income skill. It takes a little while to get it going but once you get it going, not just essence revenue, maybe in the future I could talk about this, but you can make a very good living, if you know what you’re doing.

As a YouTuber, you can share your passion. You can share your hobby. You can go traveling and just kind of make video sand make good money doing that.

Now, I don’t even count on what I make from YouTube. It’s like a tiny bit of money but for most people it is a good way to make a living. It’s a very powerful high income skill and also you get to impact people. You get to help people. You can also see how your videos, how your message, how your story is impacting people around the world. I think that’s a pretty special high income skill.

Fifth high income skill

High Income Skills that makes you rich
High Income Skills that makes you rich
High Income Skills that makes you rich

What I believe the most powerful high income skill of all that also makes all these other high income skills work better is closing. In my case, high ticket closing. The ability to close sales. If you have the closing skill, when it comes to copywriting you’ll be able to charge more money.

You’ll be able to close better clients, better contracts. Consulting, you need closing skill. Digital marketing, you need closing skill. YouTube, making video, you need to be able to communicate. You need closing skill. So I believe closing skill’s what makes all these other skills work. What this whole thing boils down to is the ability to communicate. Write this down. Communication = Wealth. Comment below. Communication = Wealth. You will not be able to create wealth without being a good communicator. So you always want to work on your communication skill

So you always want to work on your communication skill. So those are the five best high income skills that I believe, because those are things that I have personally done, without a degree. I don’t have a degree. If you know my story, I’m a college dropout. But because I’ve mastered these high income skills. Then what I do is, when I grow my companies, I simply take these skills that I have and I have other skill sets too, but I take these skillsets and then I transition.

I use the same skill sets to grow my companies to millions and millions and millions of dollars in revenue. That’s what I do. So there you go. Five high income skills. Comment below and let me know which one you feel resonates with you. Which one you think you know what, Mr Zigler I want to learn that. That’s what I want to do. Or no, I don’t want to do that. This is what resonates with me. I want to develop that high income skill. Comments below and let me know and maybe I’ll make some more posts in this site and expand on some of these topics. Until next time, I’ll see you.

High Income Skills that makes you rich

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How To Become Rich Step by Step START DOING THIS TODAY! No1 Formula

How To Become Rich Step by Step

How To Become Rich Step by Step

If you organize your mind to a certain level of organization it in turn organizes the whole system your body, your emotion, your energies. Everything it’s organized in the direction once all these four dimensions of you, your physical body your mind your emotion and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction. Once you are like this anything, that you wish happens, without even lifting a little finger actually it would help to assist it with activity, but even without doing any activity you can still manifest what you want.

If you organize these four dimensions in one direction and keep it unwavering in that direction for a certain period of time right now the problem with your mind is every moment it is changing its direction.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

How To Become Rich Step by Step
How To Become Rich Step by Step

It is like you want to travel somewhere and every two steps if you keep changing your direction the question of you reaching the destination is very remote unless it happens by chance. So organizing our minds and in turn organizing the whole system and these four basic dimensions of who you are right now in one direction. If you do this you are a couple books show yourself anything that you wish will happen but right now if you look at your lives everything that you are wished for till now if it happen you’ve finished everything and everybody that you have desired for. If all of that lands up in your house today could you live with that?

bajaj baik
bajaj baik

So organizing our minds fundamentally means moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity.  You might have heard of people for whom they asked for something and beyond all expectations it came true to the true for them generally this happens to people who are in faith. Now let’s say you want to build a house if you start thinking oh I want to build a house to build a house I need 50 lakhs but I have only 50 rupees in my pocket not possible, not possible, not possible.

The moment you say not possible you are also saying I don’t want it. So on one level you are creating a desire that you want something on another level you’re saying I don’t want it. So in this conflict it may not happen if you want life to happen the way you want it because right now the very crux of your happiness and your well-being is this if at all if you’re unhappy, the only and only reason why you’re unhappy.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

Rich People Lifestyle
Rich People Lifestyle

Life is not happening the way you think it should happen that’s all it is so if life is not happening the way you think it should happen, you’re unhappy. If life happens the way you think it should happen you are happy. It’s as simple as that. So if life has to happen the way you think it should happen.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

First of all how you think with how much focus you think, how much stability is there in your talk and how much reverence is there in the thought process will determine whether your thought will become a reality or is it just an empty thought. Or how you do not create any impediments for your thought by creating negative thought process is something possible of not possible he’s destroying humanity what is possible and not possible is not your business.

It’s nature’s business, your business is just to strive for what you want. You’re using the past experience of life as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not possible or in other words you have decided that what has not happened till now cannot happen in your life. In future this is a disgrace to humanity and the human spirit what has not happened till now on this planet can happen tomorrow.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

Human beings are capable of making it happen tomorrow so what is possible and what is not possible is not your business that is nature’s business. Nature will decide that you just see what is it that you really want and strive for that and if your thought is created in a powerful way without any negativity without any negative thoughts bringing down the intensity of the thought process it will definitely manifest the whole existence .

How To Become Rich Step by Step

Today modern science is proving is just a reverberation of energy it is a vibration similarly your thought is also a vibration. If you generate a powerful thought and let it out it will always manifest itself so generally people are using faith as a means to remove the negative thought today once you have become thinking human beings your faith is not too deep, it doesn’t matter how much faith you think, you have some where doubts always proper right now. The way your minds are made this moment if God appears right here you will not surrender to him, you will want an investigation whether he’s really God or not.

 With this kind of mind you should not waste your time and faith so there is an alternative which is commitment. If you simply commit yourself to creating what you really care for now, once again your thought gets organized in such a way. There is no such thing as whether it’s possible or not possible, there is no hurdle in your thought process your thought flows freely towards what you want.

Once this happens making it happen will also naturally follow it. So to create what you really care for first and foremost thing is that, what you want must be well manifested in your mind but this is what I want is that what you really want, you must look at it because any number of things in your life your thought this is it the moment you reach there you realize that’s not if it’s the next one and the next one and the next one.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

So what is it that one really wants is one thing first of all we must explore once that is clear and we are committed to creating it now. There is a continuous process of thought in that direction once you can maintain a steady stream of thought without changing direction. Definitely this is going to happen in your life or it will definitely manifest as a reality in your life. So either you make this human form into your kalpavruksha or you make it into one big mess which is happening all over so at every stage in our life we tend to think this is it if this one thing happens everything will be fine with my life.

How To Become Rich Step by Step

You reach there and you realize that’s not it and you postpone it to something else. In something else this is going on the first and foremost thing is you must be clear what is it that you really want if you do not know what you want the question of creating it doesn’t arise if you look at what you really wan,t what every human being wants is he wants to live joyfully. He wants to live peacefully in terms of its relationship, she wants it to be loving and affectionate or in other words all that any human being is seeking for.

His pleasantness within himself pleasantness around him. If this pleasantness if it happens in our body we call this health and pleasure if it happens in our mind we call this peace and joy. If it happens in our emotion we call this love and compassion. If it happens in our energy we call this blissfulness and ecstasy this is all that a human being is looking for whether he is going to his office, to work, he wants to make money, build a career, build a family, he sits in the bar, sits in the temple, he is still looking for the same thing pleasantness within pleasant.

If this is what we want to create I think it’s time we addressed it directly and commit ourselves to creating it.So you want to create yourself as a peaceful human being, joyful human being, loving human being, a pleasant human being in all levels and do you also want a world like this, a peaceful world, a loving world, a joyful world no, no I want greenery, I want food, when we say a joyful world that means everything that  you want has happened, so this is all that you’re looking for.

So all that you need to do is commit yourself to creating it to create a peaceful joyful and loving world both for yourself and everybody around you everyday in the morning if you start your day with this simple thought in your mind that, today wherever I go I will create a peaceful loving and joyful world. If you fall down hundred times in the day what does it matter for a committed man there is no such thing as failure. If you fall down 100 times 100 lessons to be learned.

If you commit yourself like this to creating what you really care for now, your mind gets organized once your mind yet organized the way you think is the way you feel your emotional, get organized once your thought and emotion is organized your energies will get organized in the same direction. Once your thought emotion and energies are organized your very body will get organized once all these four are organized in one direction you are ability to create and manifest what you want is phenomenal you are the Creator in many ways

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7 Best Ways To Make Money From Home With ZERO Money In Quarantine (Fast Methods)

Make Money From Home

Ways To Make Money From Home / Bed With ZERO Money Investing

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

Hey everyone, this is Amir Sohail Khan from Nagaon. Today I’m going  to share 7 best ways that you can make money from your bed!

So now that we’re all realizing  that there’s two types of people in this world.

One will just waste time sleeping watching Netflix and being on the phone all day


 The other person who uses his time wisely to learn make money and get stuff done.

What’s up crawlers, your boy Amir Sohail Khan is  back with another post. I’m going to give out seven unique ways for all of you to make money from home.

 Since right now we’re in quarantine a lot of people are spending a lot of time at home so it’s never been a better time to start learning how to make money from them so because of that and the times that we’re living it right now.

I’m going to give you seven unique ways and methods that you guys can make money from home if you guys watch my articles you guys know that I do not like wasting time and I like to get straight to the point so that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna  get straight into it.

So before I get into it I do want to say that each of these seven businesses and I’m not to go over I’m not only going to explain what they are and how to do them but I’m also going to give on my personal strategy that I would use if I had zero dollars to start because I know that that will help a lot of you washing tons to have little to no money to start these businesses.

7. Clearing the Closet & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

This is one of my favourite ways to make money online because you don’t need any kind of skills any kind of knowledge or any kind of money, all you need some extra stuff in your house which most of you guys watching this post and this particular method on how to make money from home  by using the app called OLX, it is literally one of the best options to make money from home especially doing this crisis because the only any money any skills and the best thing about it you could do this all from the comfort of your own home by just summon some extra stuff that you have in your house and I myself a personally made money through by selling some of the used clothes and shoes I don’t wear anymore and selling on their app is the easiest thing in the world.

 All you have to do is open the app and hit sell didn’t take a picture whatever is that you’re selling in this case I’m selling some used shoes. like he of course ones that I wore in a few times then at the title fill in the description and then add some hashtags that are related to the item that you’re selling then you’ll just fill in the item details such as the category the brand the condition of the item and the color then you could choose your shipping price or let it be automatically selected for you and lastly you’ll choose whatever price that you want to sell your item at then listed and now you officially have listed your item for sale and another cool feature that I love about the platform is that they let you see data on what items that are selling super super fast so for example a Nintendo consoles are sold over 6000 this month ,so you’ll be able to see what kind of items that are selling fast you have a good idea on what sells fast on their platform

 Another example of some items that I sold on a platform would be some of my use that deed is easy that I don’t wear anymore so all I would do is take a picture at the title fill in the description add some hashtags that are related to the item then fill in the item details and choose the price that I want to sell it at and they have a really cool feature for pricing as well they let you know what exact pricing point was so that fast is along with some similar items like yours and what prices that they sold at so if I want to sell the item fast I’ll select are commended price and then listed so you could sell a bunch of stuff on my cart like any used t-shirts sweatshirts for these or any clothing items that you have any books that you have in your house like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki the book that made me successful which I have multiple copies of.  You should definitely look around your house for any devices because you can make a lot of cash by selling any used phones that you don’t use anymore so I really recommend you guys use Olx or quickR to start making money from home because it’s extremely easy you don’t need any skills any money to start and the best thing about it you can do this from the comfort of own home. “Make Money From Home”

6. YoutTube & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

this particular method is super popular and it’s made a lot of people famous and rich  and that’s YouTube. So on YouTube you get paid by the number of views and it can be very very lucrative if you grow your blog and get a lot of views consistently so what you’re probably thinking is that you’re gonna have to get a camera then be behind the camera and then talk all day and while that’s probably the best way because you build your personal brand and what your personal brand you become more valuable as a person.

Then you can have other income streams that’s not necessarily the only way so an example of this method is a lot of people on YouTube they put funny videos, meme compilations together then they upload them on YouTube and these articles get a lot of views so they give you guys a good idea on how much money you could make on YouTube.

All depends on your CPM which is just a calculation of how much money you get per 1000 views on your articles so a rough estimate of the average CPM on YouTube is $7 so it’d give you guys a good idea a CPM a $7 and a post gets 10million views that post would make$70,000 so that’s a lot of money you can make by just finding videos and putting them together and you can do all this at the comfort of your own home. “Make Money From Home”

5. Freelance Services & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

Number 5th is way to make money online is called freelance services so if you know how to edit articles how to copyright how to put websites how to do pretty much anything you guys could use that skill to offer the people that will pay you to do it for them . So the cool thing about this method is that you don’t need any money to get started you guys can use whatever skills that you have already and you guys can learn an unlimited amount of skills. “Make Money From Home”

There’re tons of free content on YouTube that you guys can learn how to do to add more skills to your skill sets to offer to people that need them and there’s tons of websites and platforms that you guys to use to list your services for free to attract potential buyers that need them and another way to get customers for your freelance services is the person reach out to people who you feel might need your services so for example if you know how to edit articles personally shots at youtubers  and awesome if they’ll be willing to pay you for you to edit their articles which saves them a bunch of time so this could be a profitable business that you could start from home. So in conclusion freelancing is something that you can make money from all from the comfort of your own home. “Make Money From Home”

4. Drop Servicing & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

This unique method is called drop servicing this method is very similar to freelancing but in this particular business you could scale up fast and you can make a lot more money because you’ll be leveraging other people so in this particular business instead of the traditional ways  of freelancing and you doing the service yourself and spending your time doing it you’ll be leveraging other people to do it for you so for example for youtuber pays you 100 dollars together edit the post you then hire someone else to do it for you you pocket the 70 dollar difference so this business is a really really good idea because not only can you start as business with no money but you can also scale up really fast and make a lot of money because you’re not limited to just yourself and just your time that you have so you yourself. You only have so many hours in a day but if you leverage other people you’re also leveraging a lot of time that you could use to make a lot of money.

 I’ll be doing more articles on this business later on in my blog in the future but this is a really profitable business that you can start with no money all from the comfort of your own home. “Make Money From Home”

3. Affiliate Marketing & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

Just like with drop servicing and this business you’re the middleman but you’re selling other people’s products this business is called affiliate marketing so in this business you’re selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission.

So there’s tons of companies and websites that offer affiliate programs so if you sign up for a company’s affiliate program and you become an affiliate and then you sell a product that company would pay you commission for selling that product and to give you guys a good idea how much money you can make it. All depends on your Commission and the price of the product so for example if you sell a product for $100 an affiliate commission is 15% you’ll get paid $15 so in affiliate marketing the money you make all depends on what percentage of Commission that you get and the price of the product so keep this in mind whenever you’re signing up for an aff iliate program now obviously you can make a ton of money if you advertise and sell a lot of products to customers.

So strategy that I would use for affiliate marketing with zero dollars to start is I was first advertised to an audience that I already had so for example I will use the followers that I have on social media or any friends that found that I know and what I would do is I would promote the affiliate product to them and hopefully give themselves that way I’m not spending any money on advertising so all in all affiliate marketing is another profitable business that she  could start from home. “Make Money From Home”

2. Print on Demand & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

This business is very unique because it allows you to leverage other platforms to sell customized product ,this particular business is called print on demand this business is super cool because it allows you to sell a bunch of personalized and customized products all from the comfort of your own home without having to purchase the products up front. So in print on demand there’s a bunch of websites and platforms that you guys can use to do this business so most of these websites you guys can design t-shirts hats hoodies and more with your own logo or any kind of personalization and then sell them one by one to customers.

Then once a customer pays $20for the t-shirt you pay $10 for the pre-owned demand provider they should be directly to the customer and you profit a $10 difference so I’m printing on the man you can make a ton of money because you can basically sell an unlimited amount of clothing items without having to pay for them up front so strategy that I would use for print on demand with zero dollars to start is number one to first use the audience that I already have this includes all the followers on social media that I have or any friends and family that I know.

o for example the trending topic right now and what’s popular right now for a lot of t-shirts is t-shirts I say stay at home so I would design a t-shirt or any clothing item that says stay at home and then post it all on Twitter on Instagram and use hashtags to hopefully reach a lot of people without spending money on advertising. Then once I get themselves I will use that money to pay for advertising on social media to reach more people and get more sales so all in all print on demand is a really really good business that you could start from home. “Make Money From Home”

1. Drop Shipping & Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home
Make Money From Home

 now we’re on to the very last one the number one business that you could start to make money from home this particular business is what I talk about a lot what I’m known for and honestly I fit wasn’t for this business I would not be where I’m at today so the number one business to make money from home is drop shipping drop shipping is selling parts without having to touch them by leveraging other suppliers so in drop shipping you’re basically the middleman and this is a really really popular business especially in this day age because it’s possible it’s super easy to start and you can scale up really really fast and make a lot of money because you could sell virtually any product in the world so for example if I find a supplier that’s selling phone cases for $2. I’ve been advertising on social media cell phone cases for $20 each time a customer orders the phone case for $20 I didn’t order the phone case for $2 from the supplier and I profit the $18 difference so your profit is basically a difference between what your supplier is charging versus what you’re charging your customers. So Drop shipping is a really profitable business.

A lot of people make a lot of money with drop shipping including myself because it’s super easy to start and you can sell basically an unlimited amount of products so there’s no limits to how much money you can make and once you become good at advertisingon social media then it really becomes easy for you to make a lot of money with drop shipping so strategy that we use for drop shipping with zero money to start is actually a post that I released recently and the summing up is called the revenue share strategy so in this strategy you’ll basically be leveraging a social-media influencer that has a lot of following and exchanged or shared revenue with them so for example I should say you finally influence it to agree with you on the revenue share strategy that’s in the home décor.

So then what you’ll do is really really easy you just create a website that has a bunch of home décor items then the influencer will promote the website on their social media and in exchange your share revenue with them and all the cell’s they bring in so in this strategy you can make money with drop shipping with zero dollars. To start because you don’t have to spend any money on advertising which is usually the biggest expenses drop shipping another strategy that you could use that doesn’t cost too much money is influencer marketing and this strategy you basically pay the influencer up front to promote your products and website to their followers and result you get sales and this is my number one way of advertising. For drop shipping so all in all job something is one of the most popular business to start because of many reasons it’s super easy to get going and you can scale it up really fast and the best thing about it you could do it all from the comfort of your own home so if you’re interested in job shopping. “Make Money From Home”

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So that is a seven ways of madness to make money from home in 2020 so I hope you guys got some value from this article and I really hope that you guys dedicate at least one of these methods to start learning because you really set yourself up for success and what better way to make money then to make it from your home so honestly I’m super super excited to see you guys methods and hopefully succeed at them so make sure to follow me on social media, messaging me and update me on your progress so for those of you are new to my blog before I close out every post I always give out an inspirational quote so the quote for this post today is very very powerful as from my famous author Paulo Coelho and he said “do something instead of just killing time because time is killing you” “Make Money From Home”

 So what I got from that quote myself is to make sure that you’re using your time wisely because time is ticking and you can never get it back so until then my friends be great. Make Money From Home

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The 4 Best ways to earn money online in 2021


The 4 best ways to earn money online in 2020

earn money online
The 4 Best ways to earn money online in 2021

Hey everyone, this is Amir Sohail Khan from Nagaon. Today I’m going to share the 4 best ways to earn money online in 2020 and beyond so if you’re someone that’s watching this right now and you’re brand new you’re looking to get started making money online but you’re not quite sure where to start or what are the best opportunities for you to pursue in 2020 and beyond, then this article is gonna help you with that.

Amir Sohail Khan
Amir Sohail Khan

 Or if you’ve already got an online business you’re already making money online great, this is going to help you discover what are the best trends and opportunities that can really allow you to grow. To grow your business even further by putting more time attention and focus into that so let me give you an idea right now. Where the Internets and where it’s going the potential. The growth and the opportunity right now today there’s about 4.3 billion people that have access to the Internet. That’s a lot of people. but over the next ten years that number is projected to increase to 7.5 billion people so essentially over the next decade there’s an additional 3 billion people they’re going to have access to the internet that never did before and that means that, that is such an incredible opportunity for someone like yourself and myself to take advantage of the internet because it doesn’t matter what you’re doing online if you’re selling on Amazon or Shopify or your Facebook page or Instagram you’ve got a YouTube channel a podcast no matter what it is you’re gonna benefit from all. #earn money online

 This potential growth automatically just by more and more consumers getting access to the internet, buying things online with all the technological advances that are coming whether it’s 5g technology which is already here but it’s becoming more mainstream it’s making a lot. #earn money online

It’s a lot easier and faster for people to use and get access to the Internet to entrepreneurs like Elon Mask who are launching satellites into space so that the entire world can have access to high-speed Internet I mean these are game changers that when you’re part of the internet. You know a rising tide raises all boats, if you’ve got a boat in the water and the tide rises? The internet increases improves technology advances you benefit from that so that’s why I’m so bullish on the Internet and the opportunities because I believe that the Internet has been the great advantage and breakthrough of our lifetime and starting an online business and learning how to leverage the internet to make money from it is the greatest opportunity that we have and that’s why you see so many people today becoming millionaires and multimillionaires and billionaires. #earn money online

I mean there’s kids that are in their 20s that are now becoming billionaires whether it’s a Kylie Jenner. You know leveraging Instagram and social media to you know Mark Zuckerberg and starting Facebook I mean it’s really mind-boggling the world that we live in today and the opportunities that present itself and it’s not that any of this is easy of course it’s hard work to build a business there’s a mindset there’s a lot of components and being successful with anything but if you’re committed enough and you put your time your attention your focus into learning the internet learning how to build a business learning how to leverage internet marketing then it can truly change your life in so many incredible ways now let me dive into this article and share with you the four best ways the ones that I think have the greatest opportunity and potential. #earn money online

The first one to earn money online is ecommerce.

The first one is ecommerce and specifically selling on Amazon okay selling on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world in fact just actually the other day I was just reading about Prime Day the time of this post we just had Prime Day, Big Billion Day which are the biggest retail events of the year. It says on the Google, shoppers stay away from stores make 7 billion plus splurge online that’s not even including Prime day or Big Billion days etc. Big Billion day  is just after Prime Day where people are more known to actually buy online but the statistics and the data all shows and points to people buying less and less in physical retail stores less and less people are buying from brick-and-mortar stores they’re not buying from Mega Mart Malls and Target and these. You know this stores as much as they used to I mean if you think about it’s such a hassle to get out of your house put on your shoes and get in your car drive to Mega Mart Malls you can look for parking and then you’re gonna walkthrough the aisles and you have to.

You know check out the product behind the clerk and the whole process of shopping is kind of getting a more old-school compared to what you can do today. From the comfort of your home you take out your phone you take out your computer you can you have way more variety of products that are available on Amazon for example you got Amazon Prime you already got your credit card length you just fill out your shopping cart, hit checkout and then before you know it the next day or a few days after that the products are arriving to your door and Amazon I mean not only are they the biggest retail giant I mean if you look at Target Mega Mart Malls they’re investing more into their e-commerce to take advantage of it but Amazon is bigger than all of them combined and one of the greatest advantages of Amazon I’ll go more into the model in ways that you can make money from Amazon but with Amazon they’re on the cutting edge of all the technological advances I mean in terms of their fulfilment center I mean with robotics and artificial intelligence those are new advances that Amazon’s heavily investing into which makes it easier and better and faster and cheaper for someone like yourself or myself to sell on their platform they already have hundreds of millions of people that use Amazon. #earn money online

 and they’re growing massively international you know with their ability to better ship products and get products from their warehouses to the consumers hands and doors faster they’re on the cutting edge of so Amazon is a company that is only going up there’s only more and more potential from Amazon. #earn money online

I mean they grow about 20% every year and it’s staggering the opportunity of it I mean when I look at almost everyone that I know that sells on Amazon or Shopify or online in general there their numbers are going up year after year because as Amazon grows you benefit from that so as I said arising tide raises all the ships so. Amazon I think is one of the best opportunities now when I look at Amazon what is a Amazon sell Amazon sells books and everything else alright so they started as a bookstore online but they’ve branched off to selling pretty much everything you can possibly think of is on Amazon so the bigger opportunity on Amazon is private labelling products selling physical products so for example the process of that and I’ve got other posts on my site that you can browse around and find that explained the process more but it’s deciding on a product that you want to sell in Amazon that has high potential demands and then what you do is you find a supplier that’s manufacturing that product whether that supplier is in the United States whether it’s in India, whether it’s in any other country around the world and you have the manufacturer, the product you put your own packaging your own label on that product it’s called private labelling. #earn money online

If you can make the product better you should, if you can make it improve it of course you always want to do that or differentiate in someway but you then get that product made overseas, you ship it to the United States or whatever Amazon platforms are selling it could be in Europe it could be in Canada it could be in Australia but you send it to Amazon’s fullfilment centers and then you set up your Amazon listing and now you have your own real estate on Amazon’s website.

Do you have your own product your own product listing with images the price reviews all of that and then you learn how to how, how to rank your product on Amazon you can run Amazon ads there’s so many strategies available on how to sell your product but Amazon does a lot of the heavy lifting for you because they take care of the fulfillment for you and they even help you with the marketing of your product. #earn money online

So Amazon is not going away the opportunity of it is huge with physical products as well as books, ebooks are great as well when I look at books whether you want to write books yourself or hire a ghost writer to write for you or partner with other authors you can publish Kindle books you can publish paperback books or hard cover books or audio books, right I mean audiobooks is it’s got huge potential because more and more people they can see them content through through audio write podcasts and audio books of that nature so there’s so much potential in Amazon I think that’s one of the greatest opportunities. #earn money online

That’s you know that has been for the last years but continues to grow I don’t see it slowing down there’s so much opportunity for someone that’s brand-new because there’s so many types of products that you can sell and there’s not enough competition in my opinion because there the amount of demand that consumers have on Amazon far outweighs the number of competition there. #earn money online

That there is so Amazon is great and  I think Amazon is the most powerful platform for e-commerce but also leveraging Shopify which is creating your own online store you don’t get the same benefits at Amazon does for you but Shopify a lot gives you more control over your brand and your products so starting on Amazon and then transition you to Shopify I think that is one of the best strategies out there in terms of building a business creating passive income and creating the life that you want so.

Number two to earn money online would be Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way of making money online and affiliate marketing is always going to be relevant and always have opportunity and potential because affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products.

now all of these companies that sell online whether they sell on Amazon they saw on Shopify they’ve got their own course their own digital product no matter what it is the number one challenge that every company online has is selling their products they want to get more sales right they want to increase the number of buyers and customers that they have and so that’s why all of these companies out there including Amazon they have affiliate programs.

an affiliate program that anybody can join they’re free to join so for example if you want to join amazon’s affiliate program you can if you want to join an affiliate programs for most products out there you can and when you join their affiliate program they’re gonna give you a percentage out of every sale you generate for them so they give you an affiliate link you can use that link under blog on your YouTube channel your social media you know you’re running ads or whatever it is you can use that link and when you generate, when you drive traffic and people click on the link and they buy the product you earn.

You earn a commission from that you know it’s pretty awesome because you didn’t have to create the product you didn’t have to invent it you don’t have to take the risk you didn’t have to invest in inventory you didn’t have to build a team and have customer service and all the expenses that are involved in creating and selling a product as an affiliate marketer you can just promote someone else’s product by sending your affiliate link or whatever it is and you make Commission’s from it.

So affiliate marketing is one of the best ways. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online and get started because you don’t have to invest as much time or money or take as big of a risk as selling your own product okay so I love affiliate marketing gives the opportunity to promote any product on Amazon that you want as an affiliate earn a commission from it and there’s alot of products you can sell that are higher ticket specifically online courses where you can earn a higher commission from you can earn a more higher commission from that and it’s great so affiliate marketing is always relevant because every company is always gonna welcome affiliates.

 I always want people to help them sell and promote their products and they’re more than happy to give you a commission from that so affiliate marketing is great it’s one of the best opportunities and often what I look at to this might be a bit more advanced I look at how you can combine them together because listen if you’ve got a product you’re selling on Amazon your own Shopify store whatever you’re collecting the buyers and customers and ultimately your goal of that is not just to have a one time buyer a one time consumer but someone that is gonna buy from you again and again so you always want to build an email list of your buyers and customers whether that’s selling on Amazon or Shopify but there’s always a back-end component to every business because it’s a lot easier for you to profit from customers you already have then going out there and acquiring new customers as the customers you already have they’ve already bought from you they’ve already raised their hand they’re looking for help they already trust you because I’ve already purchased from you once and you’ve delivered for them a great product. #earn money online

 It’s a lot easier for you to profit from them by focusing more on how to serve your existing customers and one of the best ways to do that is through affiliate marketing because if you have an email list then you can promote products to them and share them sure more additional products that can help serve them that you could be an affiliate for that you didn’t have to invent or create yourself and you can earn commissions from that so I always look at how you can combine them together right how you can leverage affiliate marketing with physical products combine the two together to increase her back end and ultimately the long-term value of your customers. #earn money online

The third one to earn money online that I’d say is being an influencer

Being an influencer now we all know the power of influence and the trend of what influencers has been over the last few years and it’s not slowing down. I mean these days everyone is becoming an influencer and influencers is such a great opportunity because all of these platforms out there such as YouTube and Instagram and a podcast and a blog and Facebook all of these platforms they’re free to use anybody can join and set up a YouTube account a Facebook  account and create content. You can share your ideas with the world you can share what you’re learning you can entertain people you can express yourself in whatever way that you want and if your content is good and valuable then people will find it, they’ll follow you and they’ll build a relationship with you.

The most valuable thing you could ever have on the Internet is attention. Attention because attention is what all these companies are trying to get that’s why they spend money on advertisements so that they can get in front of you they can get your attention because without your attention then you’re not gonna go in and buy their product but influencers are people that have built a following they built an audience of people they have people’s attention and more importantly they built a relationship and trust with those people over a period of time now companies out there they’re looking to market their products and so they’re looking for influencers to represent their product to share their product with their audience, to be an ambassador of their product they’re looking if you have a podcast they want to sponsor your podcast to get the attention of some of your listeners on your podcast or on the YouTube channel right that’s why on YouTube videos like this you might see advertisements pop up because companies they want to get in front of my audience and other people’s audiences on YouTube so they’re willing to pay money for that and if you’re an influencer you have a following people will pay money to you to get in front of your audience they’ll give you products and say hey listen to you can you share your product with your audience I’ll pay you to sponsor this post and share it with your audience. #earn money online

 having a following gives the opportunity to launch your own course your own Amazon product or do affiliate marketing there’s a lot of different avenues that you can do as an influencer so influencer marketing is hot it’s growing and it’s it’s not saturated because here’s what I’ve learned about. But the thing with being an influencer is that everybody will connect and relate to someone different okay there’s only one of you and there’s only one of me so nobody could ever copy anyone okay it’s impossible to because we are each unique and differwaise and everyone is looking  for someone that they can relate to that they could get kick they can connect with and and  follow that is like them people like people that are like them, so for example if you’re in let’s say the self development niche which is massive, right? #earn money online

I’m part of the self development market now people don’t necessarily follow you for your content that’s one component of it but more importantly they’re following you for who you are your story and because they connect with you so a lot of these influencers let’s say let’s say coaches, youtubers, podcasters, bloggers in the self-development arena we can share the same content whether it’s about goal-setting and creating great habits in your life and be more positive and be more happy and being motivated changing your belief systems improving your health your relationships all of that but the content the message for the most part is the same but what makes it unique and different is your story and how you explain things your you know for example for me my story about how these things have helped my life and my delivery of the content and the information because people are gonna relate to my story over someone else’s story not everyone will relate to me some of you will others won’t others will relate to someone else.

People will relate and connect to you based on your age if you’re young then a younger demographic are gonna  connect with you if you’re older let’s say you’re now in your 40s and 50s and60s then maybe you know that ones that are in their 20s aren’t going to connect with you as much they can’t relate to someone maybe that’s in their 50s but someone that’s in their 40s and 50s and60s they’re gonna connect and relate more and want to follow the person that is similar to them and their demographic versus the person that’s 20 years old if you’re a male or a female I mean if you’re a male you’re more likely to follow someone that’s also a male because you can connect and relate to them more if you’re a female you’re more likely to follow someone that’s a female even based on race if you’re white if you’re black if you’re Asian if you’re Hispanic not that you can’t and of course everybody you know you’ll still all different races and diversity is gonna follow everybody but your core demographic are gonna be more people.

If you’re white people that are white if you’re Asian people that are Asian because again people like people that are like them they’re gonna follow it connect with that a little bit more you friends that you have in your life I’m sure most of your friends that are people they’re more similar to you you have similar beliefs and values and goals and you might even look similar you might be in a similar age group if you’re a male most of your friends are probably males if you’re a female most of your friends are probably females so your story and who you are makes you unique and different than everyone else out there and the world needs more people that are different and unique to share and help and serve and it’s not like you know one person only follows one person people follow many people today so there’s so much room and opportunity. #earn money online

 there is an influencer and it’s just something that companies are looking more for and the amount of money you can make as an influencer is only going to go up over a period of time so influencer marketing as I think is great and when I look at the platforms available I say the ones that have the greatest opportunity potential I consider is number one YouTube okay because the video is King. Video is the most consumed type of content on the Internet it’s not slowing down more and more people their attention span is shorter so they are more engaged by video and when you watch a video you can connect with that persona lot more than you can by reading their article or even listening to them on a podcast or just getting short snippets from them on Instagram Instagram for example it’s more designed like one-minute video clips it’s more surface level and shallow content YouTube or podcasts or even blogs they’re more deeper content so for you watching this video for the last 12 minutes or so it’s we’re going a lot deeper you’re getting to know me a lot more and a lot deeper than you would on Instagram or Facebook for example so and your and most likely you’re fully engaged with me in this post you know you’re looking at me right now you’re listening to me right now versus a podcast you might be driving your car you might be at the gym it’s more of a secondary modality you’re listening as you’re doing other things so video I think is the most powerful. #earn money online

The second one I like is blogging. Blogging and podcasts I kind of put even and it really depends on what your preference is podcasting I like because people can go deep and they a lot of people listen to podcasts the thing I don’t like about podcasts is that it’s very untrackable it’s hard to track things on a podcast and most often like for example you know iTunes doesn’t really give you much data of your viewership and your followers and all that sort of stuff excuse me but on the other hand a blog is very different than that a blog you can track everything on the blog and you can update and change there’s just a lot you can do with it now each of them there’s a learning curve to each of course and there’s different skills involved with it but I like blogging especially if you learn search engine optimization and how to rank your content but again like I said it depends on what you prefer if you’re more of a writer if you prefer speaking you know there’s different platforms that might be better suited based on your gifts and your skills of what you want to go deeper with in terms of social media . #earn money online

I think Instagram is the best and will continue to be in 2021. You know more powerful than snapchat and even Facebook now a lot of internet entrepreneurs are investing in their Instagram building they’re following their you can build a deep relationship with people on Instagram as well especially with stories by sharing your life the day to day cause people on Instagram they’re getting more of the behind-the-scenes they’re getting to know more about you when you’re not you know doing a YouTube video or a podcast they’re gonna see what you’re doing throughout the day and when you have daily influence over someone like that, that every day you make a post on Instagram or a story and you’re a part of someone’s life on a daily basis that’s powerful you have you have influence over their beliefs in the direction of their life so influencer marketing guys is huge and will continue to be huge in 2020 and beyond. #earn money online

The last one is Work from Home.

The last one I want to share with you is not necessarily starting an online business because I know some of you that are watching this right now you might not want to put yourself out there you know and that’s why I provide options I mean Amazon is greater you don’t have to put yourself out there you can actually as an Amazon selling a physical product you can find influencers and partner with them and send them products and they can be the influencers for your business or physical product brands so not even wants to put themselves out there you might want to be more behind the scenes and also not everyone’s an entrepreneur not everyone wants to run their own show not everybody wants to take the risks of what an entrepreneur does you know obviously entrepreneurship provides a lot  more and potential but not everyone cares for that I think a great opportunity online is just being a freelancer okay looking for jobs that exist online because as the internet grows there’s more demand and need for all these companies to hire people companies as they grow their internet business as they grow their ecommerce store or whatever it is they need. #earn money online

 web developers they need video editors and need graphic designers they need copywriters they need email marketers they need programmers they need you know all these skills social media marketers customer support reps managers they need people like that that they can hire to help work for their business and a lot of these companies today they provide the ability for you to work from home or anywhere in the world which is really the greatest advantage that you get from having an online business so you don’t have to start an online  business you can instead work for a company that gives you the ability to work from home or any where that you want and you get the greatest perk without having to take the risk of starting an online business and suffered a lot of people that’s that’s  great that’s more than enough they would love to have that freedom to work from home and to have some control over their own hours and how they spend their day If you’re a mom and you want to spend more time at home with your kids online business is great or online freelance job is great for that or an online business right because again you’re gonna spend more time at home with the kids and you can just work behind your computer and make some great money from that. #earn money online

So I think any skills online any internet marketing skills are incredibly valuable to learn and study and practice get good at looking for jobs available online so that you can work from home and develop skills that are always gonna be valuable they’re always going to be high demand now here’s something that a lot of people don’t think about I’m gonna wrap this up soon but this is really valuable of what I want to share with you before we wrap this up if you’re building a business if you’re learning how to sell on Amazon if you’re learning Shopify how to create an e-commerce store. if you’re learning how to run ads if you’re learning how to build a blog if you’re learning how to build a YouTube channel Instagram social media if you’re learning any of those skills as you’re building your own business a lot of people don’t realize that those what they learn whether it’s through a course or you study it through trial and error all of that is valuable for you to then do that for someone else because here’s the thing how many companies out there that sell their products in their local store, their brick-and-mortar store that have not yet transitioned to selling their product on Amazon but because you took a course because you learn because you studied because you’ve done it a few times before you have a skill set that you could then go to all these companies and say hey listen you’re not selling online I know how to put up products on Amazon I know how to set up Amazon listings fulfill my owns there I know I don’t have all of that I can do it for you and these companies are more than happy to pay you and hire you for you to do the work for them. #earn money online

 if you know how to publish books on Amazon, do you have any authors that are out there that are great writers they love writing there they’re there that’s their gift and their purpose in life is writing but they’re not good at publishing they’re not good at marketing they’re terrified of technology. #earn money online

 I don’t know how to do that stuff but because you published some books before you know the process you can then go to them and you can essentially be a freelance freelancer or create an agency where you provide services to these other authors companies and you can do the work for them so that’s another opportunity that a lot of people don’t think about and that’s a great way for you to make money by trading your money upfront to make that immediate income and develop your skills as you’re building your own online business which is more the passive income, a long-term stream for you so that’s a huge opportunity that people don’t realize people don’t realize that these skills of what you learn are valuable they’re valuable that other companies and people will pay money to have you do for them right or even to pay to learn from you in someway shape or form so there’s so much opportunity out there and I think regardless of whatever opportunity that you pursue the most important thing Is to get a boat in the water so as the tide rises you can benefit from it so I don’t care what that is you might have to dabble around a little bit try different things try publishing trying Amazon try Shopify you know to learn marketing how to drive traffic and affiliate marketing all these things and the skills you gain all help and work together to help make you more successful whether your end up doing service based business freelance agency or you find the right one for you that you really want to ramp up and scale so hopefully this post has benefited to you in some way. #earn money online

 Shape or form I really just wanted to provide my opinion and the best opportunities I feel they’re available for us today so that you can take advantage of it and again I want to be realistic and honest with you that none none the process of success is not easy I mean it’s hard work it was easier than everyone would be successful I mean this is for the 1% the 1% of people ever become successful and it’s the 1% that’s willing to do what that 99% is not willing to do so you’re here right now I assume that you’re in that 1% you’re committed you’re eager you have a why and purpose for doing this and you want to pursue it. You know there’s a lot of people they’re not quite sure you might be in that boat right now you’re not sure which one you want to pursue there’s a lot of opportunity I get it it’s a high quality problem to have but you might not quite be sure so I created this quiz where you fill out a few answers and I’ll help you identify which one I think could be best for you again based on how much money you have to get started with because all these opportunities some might cost more money than others how much time that you have what your values and your motivation is so if you’re someone that’s just looking to make money then I can I can I can kind of guide you in one direction but if you’re something that wants to make money but also wants to do what they love what they’re passionate about or maybe you’re more driven to make a difference and a contribution to other people’s lives or maybe you want to be more behind the scenes you don’t wanna put yourself out on you. #earn money online.

earn money online

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