10 Big Differences between Rich vs Poor

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Ever since I was a very young man I wanted to know what were the major differences between rich and poor people. And what I realized is this wealth is a choice and so is poverty. You see there’s so many people that make the vow of poverty. They say money doesn’t make you happy or money is the root of all evil or money cannot buy you love and they say so many different things but then there’s the other side of the coin.

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10 Big Differences between Rich vs Poor

There are peoples that actually endorse wealth. They believe that they can be wealthy. They say things like one day we’ll get that purse or one day we’ll get that house. One day we will have that Mercedes. You see wealth is a choice we must all make if we want to reach millions of dollars and have the prosperity that we want in our life. Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and he once said that, “It is not your fault if you were born poor, but it is your fault if you die poor”. You see so many people hang on to tradition they hang on to the old way of thinking. They take in the ancestral training that they’ve received from their ancestors and they never allow themselves to reach the prosperity that they’ve always wanted in their life.

There’s a lot of people that will try to tell you money doesn’t make you happy but a large number of people will still try to find out for themselves. You see money doesn’t necessarily make you happy but it does afford you a lot of opportunities and many different options that can give you joy in your life. I’m going to dig deep with you about ten major differences that I believe separate rich people and poor people now many of these are just opinion because there’s no actual fact or statistic or even deep research that can prove this.

This is just merely observations that I’ve made over my lifetime that I believe are very true now you can take it how you want and I know I will get a lot of time into this but I believe that if you listen very closely and try to figure out where you are with. What I’m saying you can really figure out if you want to be wealthy and you will make the decision whether you want to be wealthy or whether you want to be poor it’s up to you.

So here are the ten major differences between rich people and poor people.

1st Difference

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10 Big Differences between Rich vs Poor

The first major difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people see the details while poor people only see the price. Let me explain let’s say a rich person walks into a department store and they really know what they want they came to buy a shirt and so they see all the shirts on the wall and they decide exactly what kind of shirt, what color and what size they might need.

They try it on and eventually they purchase the shirt that they wanted, they never really looked at the price until it was time to make the purchase because the first decision that they made was about the quality and not the price. Conversely when poor people go shopping they typically go to the cheapest stores and they run straight to the clearance section they try to find as many shirts as they can find and many times the shirts can’t even fit them or doesn’t even provide the right color but they buy them based on the price that they.

See if you really think about it if you look into cheaper department stores, you’ll see that they advertised the price because they know that’s exactly what poor people are going after. Conversely if you look at richer stores you’ll find that they advertise the brand because they know that rich people want details. They want quality and they’ll do whatever they can to get the best quality. They can find poor people think that strangers are liars, cheats, crooks, scam artists and it displays whenever they go out and purchase certain items.

Let’s say they’re going to the mechanics usually what they say is watch out for those dirty mechanics they’re always crooks they’re going to charge you extra so you don’t want to be able to trust certain people and a lot of times a lot of these people don’t necessarily want to do that when you go to the mechanics. You’ll see even the mechanics themselves make sure that they try to be as transparent as possible because there’s such a friction that goes on within the community because they deal with so many poor people. They find themselves defending themselves instead of offering the best service and giving the complete package at the best price.

2nd Difference

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Now every time they try to sell something that’s actually good the poor person will usually say, how do I know? I need to get this done how do I know that this will work and they’ll typically judge and be skeptical of the person selling them the service and they might refrain from actually doing something that can benefit the car that they drive. When rich people approach life they’re typically trusting.

They know that people are honest that people are filled with integrity, that they can trust the people, that they interact with. So let’s take for example the mechanics when they go to the mechanics they listen to the suggestions that the mechanics might make and they don’t have any doubts any fears or any concerns that the mechanics will actually rip them off they’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and they’ll listen to them carefully as they listen to the instructions that the mechanics offer them .Typically they’ll make the right decision because they trust the experts that they’ve given their car to.

3rd Difference

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The third major difference is that rich people find success and poor people find fault let me give you a clear example. Let’s say that somebody is looking at a major celebrity the poor person might say well that person was privileged they were able to go to that school, in this school, they got this money and that money and they probably sold themselves to the devil. You see they’re writing the other person successful because they cannot see it for themselves whereas rich people will typically say that person has really worked hard for what they have and they deserve all the success that they have.

Let’s take another example let’s say poor people are driving around the neighborhood and they see some nice houses and they see a man gardening and they say to themselves while he must be renting, he must be this he must be that and they make all these assumptions whereas rich people might say what a nice house and that guy is really taken care of his garden he is probably a lucky man because he lives in a fantastic house.

4th Difference

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The fourth major difference is that rich people ask questions but poor people make assumptions. When I was a poor minded person I used to assume that nobody wanted to help me. I used to assume that if I asked her help that I would get rejected or if I would ask her a raise I would never get it and I would assume that nothing would work out in my way because I didn’t believe in the system that I was in but ultimately I didn’t believe in the person that I was and it affected me because of the assumptions that I made.

However when I became a richer person I started asking questions like what kind of books can I read to become a better person or what kind of people can I talk to leverage my expertise or how can I advance my social cause and help so many different people in return.

5th Difference

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 You see I started asking more questions and I killed my assumptions and eventually made me a much richer person.  Large number of poor people sell their time for money. They say they’re worth $10 an hour or $30 an hour or $50,000 per year. They think that in the time that they have they’re only worth a certain price and so therefore they limit themselves substantially the reason why they’re limited financially is because there’s a limited amount of time you see because there’s only 168 hours in a week.

They can’t go and say there’s 200 hours or300 hours and work extra to make more money. No they’re limited to the 40 50 60 hours a week that they get on the job. Now rich people think much differently. Rich people know that they can create systems that they automate, that they can multiply their efforts by multiplying their systems and because they multiply their systems correctly they have monies coming in from different areas because they set up those systems methodically.

Rich people, that money work for them they put time on their side. They’re not trying to beat the clock or saying that they’re worth a certain dollar per hour, no they never do that and since we talked about Bill Gates, Bill Gates would never say I’m worth two million dollars an hour. Now there might be certain calculations that might say how much he is worth per second or per hour but he never thinks in those terms because he has these systems that work on his behalf.

6th Difference

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The sixth major difference is that rich people say we and ours and poor people say they and them let me give you a clear example. Let’s say for instance you need one shirt but you go to two different stores you go to a low-end store and a high-end store expecting that eventually your needs will be met when you go to the low-end store you’ll hear the employees saying something like this:

they never change the music, they never stop these shirts, they don’t care about this place and what they’re really saying is that they don’t have any ownership over what they’re doing in that store, on the other hand let’s say you go to a high-end store you’ll hear things like have you checked out our online store let us know if you need our help we want to see you again next time and typically you’ll get exemplary service because in the high-end stores they only deal with rich people as you can see the difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people take more responsibility they take more ownership, they say we are involved, they blame themselves .

Now poor people say it’s their fault it’s me against the world, it’s because of them, you decide which way you want to be. Do you want to be rich or do you want to be poor? tTake responsibility if you want to be rich.

7th Difference

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The seventh major difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people create poor people compete one of my favourite servers in a restaurant is named Joe now Joe gives us the best service because he knows exactly what we need. He personalizes everything that we can ever ask for and he goes extra mile in every endeavour he creates a fantastic experience while his competitors compete.

Now when I look at their competitors I see that they’re really weak and a reason why they’re weak is because they’re trying to get as many people as they can but they give shoddy service. They’re not giving it everything they can. They’re just trying to get as much money as possible they’re competing with Joe but they don’t realize that they can customize and personalize a better experience for the people they intend to serve.

In every industry you’ll find that those who create and those who innovate are those who dominate. Now conversely if you look at the bottom of the industry you realize that other people are competing right in every area, you’ll see this in cars, you’ll see this in life insurance, you’ll see this even in ice cream because people are trying to mimic the best but they never become the best until they create their own experience until they create new value so that people can appreciate the thing that they have to offer there’s a lot of companies that crush their competitors because they create on such a high level.

Just think about what Tesla is doing with electric cars. I mean we all knew that, that could exist but we didn’t know it can happen so soon  and here it is. Tesla has now been formed and no one can really compete unless they create something equal or better than a Tesla. Let’s take this example a little further. Tesla now has self-driving cars and no other manufacturer has the same technology to create exactly what they’ve done. Now they can compete or duplicate but because Tesla and Elon Musk is so focused on creating their next endeavour they don’t have time to compete with their competitors.

8th Difference

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Best Book read please

 The eighth difference is that rich people seek professionals while poor people seek amateurs when most people start out their business they try to go for the cheapest way. They try to listen to what their friends and family members are saying even though they’re not in business. Now rich people really try to seek the best advice they might not pay a fortune for it but they’ll listen to the people there at the top of their industry and they’ll do whatever they can to get the best advice from those who are claimed as experts in my own industry.

I see people burning out all the time because they never hire amateurs in fact a lot of people trying to be solopreneurs you know they try to work on their own they try to create their own results and they don’t delegate anything and so they end up burning out in less than 18 months. They end up dying because they have so much to do and so little effort in which to do it,

When I started my business I knew I had to hire professionals to help me in every area of my life I knew I had to have a professional videographer or professional gardener or professional maid service, I had to get professionals on every single level if I wanted to become a professional person now I’ve seen a lot of people who haven’t invested in professional services and I see what happens to them.

They disintegrate, they end up dying because they don’t have the fertilizer to keep on going. You see they know that they should expand but they never do it because they’re thinking about the money that they might spend if you want to be rich hire professionals in your life. If you want to be poor well people are listening to amateurs and the advice that they give you’ll find out that rich people last longer because they have professionals on their side.

9th Difference

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They usually praise them for what they’ve accomplished, isn’t this that is that right they’ve done so many different things but poor people will typically try to find out what they haven’t done, they’ll try to criticize them, they’ll say well she’s been involved in that scandal or they’ve been through that kind of affair or they’ve done this or they’ve done that and they’ll try to blame other people They’ll try to criticize them as they sit in their underwear behind the computer.

10th Difference

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The tenth and final difference and one of my favourites is that rich people have big libraries and poor people have big television sets. The reason why rich people become rich is because they educate themselves and the reason why poor people become poor is that they entertain themselves all the time. So if you want to be rich you have to educate yourself, you have to become smarter, wiser, stronger and better every single day.

Conversely if you want to be poor then just watch TV every day three four five hours. Surf the Internet waste some time and see where you had now if you really want to control your life and you want to become a rich person pick up a book right now and start reading. Dedicate 90 minutes every single day to read and if 90 is too much then just read for 30 minutes. A lot of people will say well I don’t really have time but look if you don’t have 30minutes a day you don’t have a life. There’s always time to read and you have to make it a priority.

Another difference is that rich people bless other people things and places while poor people condemn criticize and complain about the things that they have. What you have to say as you can tell there’s a great difference between rich people and poor people. One of the greatest examples I could think of is what peoples say whenever they see people of large success you see rich people usually bless them.

Look if you have time to watch TV, you definitely have time to read as I became richer I realized this great astonishing fact, the bigger my library the bigger my house got. I went from living in a basement to a two-bedroom apartment to a five bedroom apartment and I kept going on and on what I realized is the more books you have the bigger house you’ll have and the more blessed you will be in the end. In summary remember that prosperity is a state of mind. It’s not a bank account it’s not a dollar amount it’s what you think in your heart in your mind and in your soul. If you’re rich or you’re striving to be rich make sure you share this article with other people and please subscribe check out my quiz website quiz.notifyhind.in

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