Harmony we need in India/সম্প্ৰীতিৰ এক মহান নিদৰ্শণ

এগৰাকী ইচলাম ধৰ্মীয় ৰাজমিস্ত্ৰিক সুবিধা কৰি দিছে- হিন্দু সম্প্ৰদায়ৰ এটি পৰিয়ালে/ In the time of lockdown this beautiful hindu family has arranged all the facilities for this muslim Mason labour and set the example of harmony this country needs.

How to build a Good Personality

In todays era everyone has lived his/her childhood with lots of evil childhood experiences. And these childhood experiences bring lots of insecurities in our life. Our thought patterns are made by our childhood experiences and the perception we made about the  world is also made by these childhood experiences. The role of our parents in […]

Benefits of Facebook-Jio DEAL

Facebook has invested 43,574Cr Indian rupees in Mukesh Ambani’s Realiance Jio. In the time of Global Pandemic this huge investment is a very good sign for Indian Economy. And this deal will bring many benefits for Indian Consumers. Mark Zuckerbarg,Chmn facebook said- Facebook is teaming up with Jio Platforms and we are making a financial […]


Govt. is planning to provide E-pass to citizens of whole nation so that they can move from their places on emergency purposes. This E-pass will be a 6 digit unique alpha numeric ID. This ID will be valid only in the locations mentioned in the pass. Every E-pass will have their state  government logo at […]