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Getting Wealthy Idea: A rich man’s story with 5 tips.

Getting Wealthy Idea

Getting Wealthy Idea

Getting Wealthy Tips
Getting Wealthy Ideas

Hello my friends this is Amir Sohail Khan. Today I want to talk with you about a rich business man’s story who provides several simple tips that you can do and that will make you richer in long term.

Now he became a self-made millionaire by the time he was 24. But he actually grew up very poor, in fact he was raised in NewYork. In one of the worst sections of the Bronx. When he was growing up he heard a lot of people tell him what he couldn’t do and where he couldn’t go.

And even who he couldn’t be and the people he lived around seemed to have a lot of limitations in their lives. Oftentimes he wondered, what exactly do he have to do to get on the other side? What do he have to do to become richer? Well as he started growing up, he started realizing that if he wanted to become a wealthy person he needed to study wealthy ideas.

Wealthy ideas like, the people who were wealthy, places to go that, that have a lot of wealth and even understanding money and eventually he started going really deep into the subject. And today he want to share with you five things specifically that he did in my early 20s that allowed him to get closer to those wealthy ideals.

Getting Wealthy Idea

The first Getting Wealthy Idea

selective focus of ham burger on wooden surface photo
Getting Wealthy Idea

The first wealthy idea that he started understanding very closely was the food that he ate. When he was growing up he always used to eat fast food. When his mom made something he didn’t like he would easily run out to McDonald’s ,Burger King, Wendy’s and he really didn’t like that food. He tolerated it but it wasn’t his first choice. Ideally he  like steak, like pasta, he like the whole bunch of different foods that he felt wasn’t available to him.

So he limited it to himself not only because of what was available to him but also because of his finances. He let his money tell him what to do now. When he started going to let’s just say McDonald’s he would see a burger and fries and maybe a drink four five six dollars and he would buy it now.

Eventually he realized that if he kept doing this he’s going to stay where he at so he started looking for better ideas that will help him to get a better burger. So he started going to restaurants and he started getting a $10or $12 burger eventually. He saw the other side of the menu and saw that steak was available but steak was $20 and he said to himself that he don’t know exactly if he could afford that right now but he  knew next time or next month he will be able to do that.

And so eventually what he started to do was he started up selling his own self, he started from a $1 burger at McDonalds to a $10 burger at another restaurant which eventually became a $20steak and now a $100 dry-aged 28-daysteak. And what he was saying is that if you start small or start where you are and you start building up in flavor  and start choosing better foods eventually you’re going to find yourself in better places.

You’ll have more ways to earn more money to get to where you want to go and you’ll be able to enjoy life on a higher level and it all starts with the food that you eat. So try to eat better foods by searching for better places that serve the food that you would like to eat.

Getting Wealthy Idea

The Second Getting Wealthy Idea

woman in yellow tshirt and beige jacket holding a fruit stand
Getting Wealthy Idea

His second idea is to visit upscale malls now most of the places that people shop are really on the lower end. A lot of people go to bargain stores or they go to malls and really 90% of people shop in these areas and it doesn’t give them the luxuries that they’re really looking for. Now what he would suggest to you is to search for upscale malls you know. Stores that have Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s and Lord and Taylor’s and very fancy diamond stores and started visiting those stores and get a grasp of what really good customer service feels like.

Get an understanding of what it feels like to feel silk and wool and all these nice jackets and scarves and hats and shoes and purses and wallets and really understand what it feels like to be wealthy. Try it on and start feeling it, start understanding that you’ll have it one day and start working your way up to it.

Now you might try an item that’s a thousand dollars and at the time you can’t afford it but you can buy something really small so that you can become a customer at that store. For him he had a pair of khaki pants, it was $80 and for him, he was used to paying $20 for khakis and he reasoned with himself that those khakis would be pretty good and it was. It lasted for more than five years and what he started to do was he started to buy more of those khaki pants. And eventually he started buying suits at that store.

Getting Wealthy Idea

Now like he said start small, right whether you pay ten or twenty dollars we all have that and start acclimating yourself start getting used to putting yourself in that position of wealth by shopping at these upscale malls.

The third Getting Wealthy Idea

photo of white rolls royce ghost parked in an alley
Getting Wealthy Idea

The third wealthy idea that you can start doing right away is to get acquainted with cars that you really like A lot of us drive cars that we don’t like and we get stuck with good deals. We go to the car dealership and the salesman sells us something we don’t want and we end up settling for it. So what he is saying is don’t settle. You see if you like a Ferrari go out there and test drive a Ferrari.

If you like Lamborghinis  go and find out well, Lamborghini feels like for me. He liked Rolls Royces and Bentley’s and unfortunately he had to be 25 in order to test drive one now he wasn’t 25 and even when he became a millionaire at 24 didn’t even allow him a test drive it. And he told them straight up he can buy it but either way what he learned is that if you sit in those cars and if you start feeling the engine and the leather and the way it feels you’re going to start getting accustom to what it feels like.

Getting Wealthy Idea

To drive a really good car so go to the car dealership talk to the salesperson and ask them if you can get a test drive. You can start with Audi, BMWs, Mercedes  whatever it is and then work your way up into the car of your true desires.

The fourth Getting Wealthy Idea

white concrete church
Getting Wealthy Idea

The fourth wealthy idea that you can start doing right away is to visit multi-million dollar homes . He was born in very poor area so he was used to living in basements and attics and small cramped apartments and eventually they lived in a small house. But it still wasn’t really what he wanted to live in now.

What he started to do was he started to visit big houses, multi-million dollar mansions and he started to see things that he never really understood. For instance he saw things that he didn’t even know .He didn’t know like marble countertops and big landscapes and marble floors and six bathrooms and ten bedrooms and things like that swimming pools and he started understanding that there’s so much out there that he really need to start seeing more of houses like these and he started seeing Realtors.

Getting Wealthy Idea

He started talking to people that own those houses and understanding the mind set of what it really takes to own those types of mansions and eventually he bought his own house. He live in a really big house now and it’s because he started by looking at other people’s houses and understanding that he could eventually own one for him. So get your nearest Realtors and get your questions answered if you want to know how rich people live.

Number five Getting Wealthy Idea

colorful arts hanging on wall
Getting Wealthy Idea

Number five do wealthy events now. There’s so many things to do but there’s a lot of wealthy events that are available to you. Wealthy events like going to a museum or to a art gallery or to a zoo or aquarium and start taking in nature start going to places where you see portraits and understand what it’s like to be in the rooms with people who think on a higher level. You see once you surround yourself with rich people and rich ideas you eventually will learn what it takes to become a rich person.

Now all of these things as he said it’s going to take time, right? You don’t just do this overnight. You have to go out and mark these events and start understanding what it really takes to become wealthy by partaking in these wealthy ideas. Eventually you’ll find yourself getting them doing them and becoming part of them because you have become a wealthy person.

 Thank you for reading my blogs my friends I hope you enjoyed what you read. Please share my blog site and all the other social media links that you see on the screen and make sure that you follow me so we can keep in touch my friends. I want to give you so much more, obviously there’s so much to learn so keep following me and I’m going to share with you the best that I have to offer so stay tuned.

Getting Wealthy Idea

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