How to build a Good Personality

Build a good Personality
Build a good Character in you. To build a good character you can follow these steps:

In todays era everyone has lived his/her childhood with lots of evil childhood experiences. And these childhood experiences bring lots of insecurities in our life. Our thought patterns are made by our childhood experiences and the perception we made about the  world is also made by these childhood experiences.

The role of our parents in building our personality is big. Two types of personality parents have  

  1. supporting, encouraging positive parents and b) difficult, constantly worried and fighting.

If someone has the first type then he will become an optimist and someone having the second type will have a difficult pattern than an optimist.

To change situations around first you have to analyse yourself, you have to ask a few questions to yourself:

  1. what is your thought patterns?
  2. What is your behavioural patterns?
  3. Is your mind causing pain in this world?

Ask yourself:

  1. Could I have thought/acted differently here?
  2. Could my thoughts/actions have been kinder to myself?

You’ll have to analyse first and then do something spiritual e.g: Yoga, Meditation.

It is said that a man is an average of the 5 peoples he hang out with the most. So, begin selecting your friend based on your goals. Cut off the lazy and negative peoples and mostly the ones who have bad habits. Start spending time with positive minded peoples who have high ambition in their life you will suddenly see a drastic change in your life pattern.

Find influencers in your social media. To find whom to follow see below:

  1. Who have a good balance of content that helps you escape reality and content that further enhances your reality.
  2. Follow him who helps you become the person you are trying o become.
  3. Unfollow anyone who causes jealousy, anxiety, negativity or anger to crop up in your mind.

Build a good Character in you. To build a good character you can follow these steps:

  1. Going to gym, Sports , Spending time with peoples who make you happy e,g: Family, friends .
  2. Do meditation and do other physical activities.

Spend time applying your knowledge in practical world. To gain knowledge you can buy self improvement books and read it in your free times.

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