Alpha VS Beta! How to be a High Valued Man?

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Alpha VS Beta

Hello guys welcome back to another blog post on the Notifyhind blog. Now this one guys straight up we are speaking about how to become a high-value men. Now that words really been resonating with me as of late you know the whole Beta-Alpha thing like, you know that’s cool it makes sense and it gets clicks but really what I believe it comes down to. Besides the word of alpha you know I really think high value man just really strikes a good chord with myself and and hopefully you guys as  far as what we should strive towards being as men.

 High-value men that just sounds it’s just great you know it helps us, it helps the world around us our relationships etc etc. So how to become a high-value man?

It’s actually quite simple. Okay guys and I want to make it very clear that I am on the pursuit of this. You guys are on the pursuit there is no end destination and I forget who said it or maybe was Alan Watts or on something like tip of my mind, where there is no end destination and the second you believe that there’s an end destination you kill life.

Life is dead there is no point so it is a constant pursuit that all of us as men are attaining and reaching this high value status or becoming a high value man that’s the Clyde.

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How to be a High Valued Man?

Okay so with that said what do you do? I sent you guys the simple answer is to become a high value man. You have to put your priorities and mission first okay. Now I know you’ve heard me say this a bunch of times and I mean it it’s actually quite simple you know if you actually break it down, have any type of a relationship problem, you have really even like health problem, money problem, like if you look at 99percent of the issues and problems that you have in your life or the life around you.

 Their relationships it’s because you’re not putting yourself in your priorities first period. I mean it it’s really that simple so if you have an addiction with alcohol or with porn or with this or with that and it’s negatively affecting your health. Well clearly you’re not putting your priorities itself first you’re putting something outside external above you first it could be partying it, could be compulsively talking to women it could be “dude I don’t care what it is” and again I’m not saying I’m any better than you guys it’s simply just having the awareness to know this maybe it’s relationships right you’d think that like well.

You know if I’m to maximize this a relationship I should put this woman first and ironically that actually kills everything that kills the relationship because you’re not putting yourself in your priorities first, right, health relationships business.

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You know guys I just want to serve everyone and help everyone and just I’m going to give this all away for free and just have this and how this and have this dude you’re gonna go broke because you’re not putting yourself and your priorities first. You come first your priorities come first your essence come first your needs come first your wants come first your desires come first everything comes first this is what a high-value man is now, I know that may go against everything you’ve been taught because your thinking will wrong.

 High-value men must be someplace and you are right but they’re not selfish to the beginning damn hell no they’re not how can you be selfless if you’ve nothing to offer again I’ve spoken about things like this if you want to prove your relationships you focus on yourself you build yourself up their relationships organically naturally flourish you want to focus on your health improve, that well then you focus on yourself.

First you make sure you get the food you need you get the sleep you need, you get the distress you need, you get the fitness you need, health will naturally come you want to prove your business and you make sure you get the resources, you need the tools you need the skills you need business and money and service naturally comes.

Do you see how it all comes back to you first a lot of times when we try to become high-value men we think of the opposite as far as being selfless and just giving and this this this wrong comes back to yourself you are a high-value man I’m not saying other people are high-value men.

 You so put the energy back on yourself make yourself in the priorities first guys I know it seems backwards and counterintuitive and this is why it almost doesn’t make sense that ironically the most successful men who give the most are actually the most selfish you know and this is a complete different topic or a different rabbit hole but you just need to understand that you can’t give anything or be of service if you have nothing to offer nothing I don’t care how you want to be in how kind you want to be you’re useless you’re like a dry paper bag blowing in the wind, you have nothing to offer.

 I don’t know why that came to mind nothing you can try to be are source to everyone you have fuck-all to offer you have no money if no healthy of no relationships nothing be selfish that’s what I’m saying I know I’ve made a blog post similar to this but I need to beat this to you guys like I need to be this through your head because this is something I learned the hard way you know and I think the reason I make this guy’s is because making sure recording the reason

 I make this guy’s is because so many times on your hero’s journey or self-development you’re on the Entrepreneurship journey you’re gonna be told so many times that what you’re doing is wrong and that you’re selfish in a bad way and that you should care more about other people and the irony again guys is that if you were to listen to those people and care about these other people you’d be useless you yourself up you them up so stop listening to these people because they have no clue about

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 Okay listen to yourself build yourself up if your girlfriend’s crying and complaining cuz you’re not giving her enough attention well I’m working on my business I come first because if I’m to support you I need to support my goddamn self first your parents are crying because you don’t spend enough time with lesson to watch movies with us I come first bro if I’m to even watch movies how the am I gonna get there in the first place just by scratching my ass like I see this out of passion love guys you come first your priorities come first if you want to become a high value man put yourself first put yourself before your friends put yourself before your family put yes before your family before your dog before your girlfriend.

 I don’t give any shit ,you were the most important person and if you don’t understand that then you will be a low ass value man your entire life because you know what low ass value man do they try to please everybody and they try to give everything to everybody and be so nice and kind to everybody no and because they have nothing to offer they’re useless you know woman dude and then they say off you know what businessmen do to them they say off right health give me a break ,don’t be one of those men focusing yourself put yourself first be selfish and about everything else in life to naturally follow through.

So that is that I hope you guys enjoyed the blog post if you guys did give it a thumbs up comment subscribe.

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